The Best Bio Toilets and Bio Digesters manufacturer in india

1) Bio Toilets

Bio toilet is a decomposition mechanized toilet system which decomposes human excretory waste in the digester tank using specific high graded bacteria (aerobic or anaerobic) further converting it into methane gas and water. Bio toilet is a different toilet as compare to the traditional restrooms.

Our Bio-Toilets with integrated Bio-Digesters and overhead tanks provide a unique compact solution for areas with limited solid waste management facilities. These are robust structures with steel base and come in different kind of sandwiched wall panels for effective weather control.

2) Bio Digesters

A bio digester degrades and converts human waste into usable water and gases. This ongoing treatment is achieved by introducing bacteria into the tank that is built for collection of waste. The bacteria decompose the fecal matter anaerobically. The resulting water is treated well enough to be used for irrigation.

Bio-Digesters act as replacement of septic tanks or sewage treatment plants. They require minimum maintenance and the effluent from bio-digesters can be directly used for gardening/agriculture, without any further treatment.

3) Handicapped Toilets

With our handicapped toilets range, we are helping the government buildings achieve complete Divyang friendliness. The structures are designed as per ASME guidelines and ensure complete access to facilities for needy. As the structures are of modular nature, the installation is quick. fabrication material ranges from SS to FRP to PUF sandwiched panels.

4) Trolley Toilets

Our carefully Designed and robustly fabricated Trolley mounted Bio-Toilets provide a mobile solution for customers sanitation needs. As per requirement, It can be designed to have 2 seat cabins/4 seat cabins/6 seat cabins or 10 seat cabins.

5) Eco Toilets

The “Eco-Toilet” broadly refers to any toilets that by design minimize the contamination of clean water and also may have other environmental benefits. Eco-toilets range from toilets that merely package human waste for collection and disposal (thereby avoiding the mixing of wastes with clean water and minimizing the volume for easier disposal) to toilets that create nutrient-rich compost from human waste.

6) Bacterial Mixture

We supply various bacterial mixtures for utilization in different Bio remediation applications.They accelerate the natural process of breakdown of contaminants or hazardous substances in soil or water and transform it into harmless products such as carbon dioxide and water.

Our different bacterial mixtures are selected specifically based on nutrient composition of substrates to be degraded. We have successfully commercialized bacteria mixtures for human solid waste management and have developed cultures for regeneration of lactic acids from biodegradable PLA based plastics.

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