About Us

A bio-technology based company, focused on harnessing natural entropy

Symber stands for SYMBiotic powER.“Harnessing Natural Entropy for Sustainable Human Existence” is our mantra and we strongly believe that “Life is meant to be Natural”.


The power of symbiotic relationship between Nature & Humans has been greatly undermined in the past two centuries. Actually, to begin with, humans learned from nature and invented Science. Scientific Research & Development gave us Technologies, which enabled a faster rate of poverty & Disease eradication and resulted in complimentary “Modernization”.


Every human settlement today, strives for modernization. But at what cost? Starting from the days of the industrial revolution, the quality of our environment has continuously and rapidly deteriorated. The modernization drive of societies has led to inventions that have aided fast growth rates and have led to an even faster rate of environmental degradation thereby leading to the greatest challenge of today’s world Viz. co-existence with nature or simply put “sustainability”.


At Symber, we strongly believe that life was meant to be natural and there is a solution available in nature for all our growth & modernization needs. We wish to explore and discover such solutions and help humanity lead a sustainable coexistence with nature. We also understand that these solutions need to be innovated in such a way that it can be taken up and implemented by societies at the minimum possible cost. This belief & understanding is aptly captured in our vision & Mission statements.

Our Mission

“To be an integrated Bio-materials, waste management & Bio-fuels enterprise of global distinction”


The company is involved in research for cost effective production of bio-degradable & bio- fuels. We are focusing on bringing novel integrated waste management & resource utilization solutions which will cater all human needs with “Zero Waste”.

Our Vision

“To improve human sustainability through affordable Innovation”


The three core areas to target are energy, waste recycling & water. A world of 7.5 billion people just cannot sustain and survive, until it recycles most of the waste that it generates or improves the efficiencies of resource usage drastically.

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